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Migratory arthritis: causes, symptoms, treatment

migratory arthritis

In fact, there are dozens of arthritis forms, which have their own peculiarities. The type we are going to discuss usually begins with sudden stiffness and swelling in a joint or several joints. In fact, most of the patients suffering from this disorder won’t notice any difference between this type of arthritis and traditional one; still it exists and consists in symptom pattern, “traveling” between joints and frequency.

In particular, migratory arthritis tends to reveal itself in moving up or down just one side of the body, not across it. The pain, swelling and joint stiffness that arise due to inflammation appear in different parts of the body just after the originally affected places get better. This disorder is not typical of any age groups, as it occurs in children, adults and elderly people.

Migratory arthritis can be treated efficiently with such means as acetaminophen, naproxen, diclofenac, ibuprofen, which help to reduce inflammation and at the same relieve the acute pain the patient is usually suffering from. Thus daily pain is reduced and the sufferers can perform their regular activities just like before the illness.

An important thing to remember is that many disorders that occur in our bodies and cause us much disturbance and expenses arise due to the weakness of our immune system. So it is a really good idea to take care of it and thus prevent unpleasant consequences from happening. Anyway, if the disease has already affected you, do not hesitate to turn to your doctor for professional advice.

These articles can be used for informational purposes only. To get an accurate diagnosis consult your doctor!

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